When a recording is made, recording limitations often contribute to bad results.

During over 50 years of work in the field of professional audio, I have often been presented with many problems associated with poor recordings. I have worked in the field of sound reinforcement, location sound for movies and television, and studio recordings. My clients in those fields frequently brought me poorly recorded material, and asked my assistance in improving the recorded quality. I found the challange of working with new techniques and processes very interesting and satisfying. And so, Forensic Sound was established.

I have expanded my work in the field of recorded evidence, and to that end have added new equipment, computers, software, and facilities to my existing systems.

I have processed recordings for noise reduction or removal, speed correction, voice enhancement, voice identification, content identification, visual imaging, and graphic display of recorded content. Forensic Sound is equipped to process many different analog and digital formats. Conversions from one format to another are available as part of our services.

I am continuing my education in the field of forensic audio by attending seminars and taking specialized courses. Check out my diplomas on the pictures page.

Skip Frazee

About Forensic Sound